About Nata Korenovskaia

  • Nata Korenovskaia
    Theatre photographer
    I have been working with a lot of theatres for many years. The theatres that accredited me as a photographer: The Baltic-house theatre, The Lusores theatre, The Theatre of Nations, The St.Petersburg Bryantcev theatre of young spectators, Theatre «GRANY», Moscow Arts Theatre, Meno Fortas, Compagnia Finzi Pasca, Teatr Narodowy w Warszawie, Narodowy Stary Teatr im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej, The Katona József Theatre, Cirque Du Soleil, Vene Teater and many other leading theatres.

    I've worked for a number of festivals:
    Wrocław International Theatre Festival «Dialog», «Teatr na faktach. Artykuł/Paragraf», The International Theatre festival «Baltic House», The International Theatre Festival «Rainbow», The Premio Europa per il Teatro - Europe Theatre Prize 2018, The International Theatre Olympics 2019, The International ballet festival «Dance Open», The Theatrical festival of young directing «Artmigration», The Leningrad Regional Theater Festival LOFT, The International Theater Festival «Meetings in Russia», The Festival of chamber theatres «Moldfest».

    I'm focusing on all aspects of the theatre, including production and rehearsal photos, posters, portraits and my own projects. I am interested in expanding the theatrical geography and the range of professional activities: working on new platforms, meeting new people, inventing new artistic forms and methods.

    I have had several personal exhibitions and took part in collective photo exhibitions (in the Russian Museum and the Hermitage).

    At the moment I am getting my diploma in Theatrical critics at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts. Therefore theatre for me is much more than just a job.

    Theatre is my love and my life.

Exhibitions and competitions
2022 – The international competition of theatrical photography "Theatre Exposed" (professionals)
  • Open category. 1st prize
  • Portrait category. 2nd prize
  • Art category. 3rd prize
2021 – The international competition of theatrical photography "Theatre Exposed" (professionals)
  • Open category. The Grand Prix
  • Portrait category. 2nd prize
  • Art category. 3rd prize
  • Movement in Art category. 3rd prize
2021 – "Stage mirror". Personal exhibition at the Levendal theater
2020 – "Dreams of Autumn". The personal exhibition devoted to the 30th International Theatre Festival "Baltic House"
2019 – "The theatre photographers of St. Petersburg. On the other side of the lens". The exhibition of The State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO.
2019 – All-Russian Festival of Theatre Photography.
  • Nomination "Here and Now". 3rd prize.
2018 – Third Open International Photo Contest "Fix the world! - 2018 ".
  • 3rd prize.
2017 – International Photo Contest "New look. Transforming in the ages"
  • Nomination "There is always a place for a discovery in life". 1st prize.
2017 – Online Exhibition "Windows: Looking Out, Looking In" (donttakepictures.com).
2016 – IV photobiennale of contemporary photography in the Russian Museum.
2016 – «Theatre. INSIDE». The personal exhibition, devoted to the people who worked behind the stage of the Baltic-House Theatre.
I am open to any collaboration