festival of electronic music in Estonia
Into the Valley, Estonia is a house music festival that branches out into techno and disco.
2015 was the first year of Into the Valley, and the festival was then located in Dalhalla, Sweden. After two years in Dalhalla, Into the Valley moved to Rummu quarry in Estonia.

The area is surrounded by beautiful, green nature and contains a majestic mountain, crystal clear waters and an attached little beach.

The property also holds an abandoned prison, used when Estonia was a part of the Soviet Union. It was a very cruel prison and the prisoners work hard mining down in the quarry. One can never forget the history this place has, but with the music as the foundation,
organizers hope to add new memories of joy to the quarry of Rummu.

Music and art combined together add something extra to a festival experience. When the stage and lights are in harmony with the performance another level of atmosphere is accomplished