Relationship between the Humanity and the God are long-standing and not simple.
It seems like all started based on great mutual love,
but in practice it turned out that it is so difficult to lead everyday life.
When the ardour of enthusiastic love faded, serpentine doubts began to creep in.
Does He still love me? Who am I to Him? Why should I trust Him implicitly?
Who said that He is – the Master? Why He pays more attention to the others?
Why He has completely forgotten about me?
Maybe it would be better for us to part with Him?
Maybe…He does not exist at all?

The humankind is moving up and down the loop of a doubt again and again challenging the Heaven and falling into the same trap of the Universe.

But do not forget the fundamental rule of the loop:
«If you are not moving up, it means you are going down».
The performance «Two Lazarus» is based on the texts of the Russian heroic epics, which were spread all over the world by mendicant minstrel, blind ones, which used to live on charity and wander from one holy place to another.
Director: Alexander Savchuk
Lighting designer: Tatiana Yakovleva